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Payment Terms

Advertised product prices on the website are in U.S. Dollars and exclude shipping, insurance, taxes and any VAT or customs fees.  When you go through the checkout process you will see the product price and shipping cost to your destination.  This is the total price you will pay for your order.  Payment is due upon placing your order


We accept Paypal and Credit Cards

Paypal is our payment processor for all online transactions.  With it you can pay from your paypal balance, bank account, or major credit card.  All payment transactions are encrypted and use SSL security for your safety.


Payment Process Examples

To ensure a safe and secure payment environment, we use Paypal as our payment gateway.
1> We strongly recommend you to pay us by your PayPal Account directly.

2> You can use Paypal to pay us by Credit Card, detailed instructions are shown in the pictures below (extracts from the PayPal website):


Paypal Screenshot



If you encounter any problems during this process or want to pay us by another method (government P.O. or the like), then please contact us via email before placing any orders to setup a commercial account for you.

E-mail:  (the best way to contact us)

Tax Issues

Note for University and Business Customers: You are responsible for paying all taxes or import fees associated with your order unless you can provide an import exemption or reseller form.  If you are a licensed reseller in your country, please email or fax your information to us when you open your account and we will keep your license on file so we can make sure these fees are waived for you.

Orders being shipped within California must pay the California sales taxes since we are a California based company.


Special Note to Caribbean Customers

If this is your first visit to, we are glad to have you here. You may not know this, but for the last 6 years we have only been selling laptop and computer parts to the United States and Canada.  However, due to numerous customer requests, we will soon be fulfilling orders to everyone in "North America", including Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and all other island countries.  So from  the staff at, we are glad to know you!